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We know that we offer some of the best homecare in the area but don't just take our word for it, hear from some of our satisfied customers.

Ken Phillips says:

"They came in in the mornings and got her up and got her breakfast and got her dressed and ready for the day. And in the evenings got her supper and got her ready for bed. They did pretty good care... They did excellent care with us..." –Ken Phillips of Reedsville  Click Here to Listen to Ken's Story

Sally Switzer's story:

Even if you need to arrange homecare for a loved one over the weekend PRN Medical Staffing will answer the phone. That is what Sally Switzer found out it happened one Saturday when she found out her mother was being released from the hospital on the following Monday.

"I went into a panic because I live in New Jersey and my sister lives in New York, I immediately took the yellow pages and just started calling agencies and it was ironic because PRN was the only service that answered the phone on a weekend. I was getting recordings from every other service that was listed. Nancy, the owner, actually answered the phone at PRN so I explained to Nancy what was going on it was last minute I understood if they couldn't do it and Nancy just said, 'Nope, nope that is what we are here for.'" –Sally Switzer  Click Here to Listen to Sally's Story

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